Digital Marketing Problems and Solutions 2019 |

Digital Marketing Problems and Solutions 2019 |

Digital Marketing Problems and Solutions 2019 |

Digital Marketing

There are a few things that change when the new year begins. One of them is marketing trends. Digital marketing trends change very quickly due to the development of the media and the increasing data. As a result, social media, which has become a hot topic, is falling and consumer behavior continues to change. Marketers need to be prepared to adapt to the new changes and trends every time. So, if you start your marketing strategy in 2018 or check your strategy, I want to know about eight digital marketing trends that will hit 2018.

Big Data

In recent years, Big Data has been the center of trends in the mouth of many people, but in fact, it was a trend confined to very large corporations such as Google and Facebook. Today, thanks to machine learning and AI, more than six million developers are working on Big Data, and small companies can use Big Data.

In the field of digital marketing, large data-based advertising platforms and marketing tools are emerging, expanding the range of potential customers. In addition, we are making efforts to improve the efficiency of digital marketing by understanding customer and creating customer’s journey map (Customer Journey) and customer persona (Customer Persona) by using big data for customers.


Micro Moments Google

Image Source: Think with Google

MicroMentimes is a consumer behavior pattern created by Google’s content marketing team, ‘Think with Google’. Rapidly growing mobile users do more with mobile phones than everyday. Google calls these moments when they can search for new ideas on the mobile, solve problems, and market their brands while informing consumers as they make choices or make decisions. These ‘moments’ that Google defines are divided into four.





At these moments, you have the opportunity to meet consumer needs, building relationships with consumers, making purchasing decisions, and increasing brand loyalty. It is limited to mobile, but given the growing use of mobile in the future, it will be a further development trend in 2018.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization is one of the most effective digital marketing methods. Because social media marketing is used by many consumers, it is possible to advertise the company to many consumers, but in many cases, it does not lead to sales. Search Engine Optimization (SEO), by contrast, is a very effective marketing tool for search engine users who are reluctant to advertise because it is a marketing tool that helps companies get to the top of search results. Users often use search engines to search for information when they search for information. You must be at the top of the search results to drive users’ visits and sales. Most users will do everything on the first page instead of going to the second search results page. If you are wondering about the key elements of Search Engine Optimization, check out the related articles below.

Search Engine Optimization is not a new digital marketing trend, but it’s important to keep an eye on the changes in the sun as it is often added and changed continuously. Perhaps search marketing will continue to be important as long as Google does not crash.

Native ads

Native ads are an ad format that naturally bury ads without compromising user experience. An ad that can naturally approach consumers without any sense of discomfort. Examples include content-type ads that combine fun and useful information with ads. Nowadays, with the increasing resistance to ads and the ability to block ads, native ads are more likely to be exposed and more appealing to the public than typical banner ads. We expect to spend more on this native ad in 2018. And by 2021, we expect native ads to account for up to 74% of ad revenue. Smart contents based on consumer needs and consumers will also be produced for native advertising.


By 2015, mobile users have surpassed desktop users and mobile optimization has become a must. With the increasing use of mobile, the number of applications has increased rapidly and users are using maps, traffic, and review apps everyday in their daily lives. It is anticipated that by 2018, direct advertising will be more active in popular applications.

AI speaker

Big companies leading IT such as Cacao, Naver, and LG have launched a lot of AI speakers and consumers are showing great interest. According to Forbes, in the United States, by 2022, 55 percent of American households expect to have these speech recognition speakers. In Korea, too, Cacao Mini sells about 25,000 units and is spurring sales of AI speakers. Users routinely use AI speakers with voice commands. It’s a good idea to be aware of these trends as these consumers are already accustomed to non-visual interfaces and this can have a major impact on how consumers communicate with you.


Content marketing is still one of the most important marketing, but one problem is that it is oversaturated. Content marketing through blogs and websites is not easy to become a hot topic among many content. So in 2018, we expect to spend more money on marketing through Influencers, which already has a reputation and a lot of public. Influencer marketing is expected to be used by more companies because it can easily be exposed to the public without competing with other content.


As the Internet became more complex, consumers began to prefer personal experiences tailored to them. For example, you can talk to your company 1: 1 and get information or solve your questions. To meet this expectation, more and more companies are setting up ChatBot to talk to consumers 1: 1. Recently chatbots have become smarter enough to fit in with users. By the end of 2018, we expect chatbots to become more standardized.

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