Graphics Designing


Our graphic design services support effective collaboration and optimize productivity. We simplify the development and management of graphic design elements across all media, from labels, inserts / leaflets and brochures to boxes, hard packs and flexible packaging.

We advise you objectively. We provide independent technical advice on graphic design and printing issues, no matter where your graphic design elements are developed. Our team has extensive experience in complying with technical and regulatory requirements.

Creative Graphics

We have the necessary expertise to handle complex projects in multiple languages ​​or to take over the graphic design for individual components.Originally, graphic artists drew by hand and were visual artists. Today, the computer has replaced the classic profession of graphic artist with its diverse design options of text and image. The graphic designer today does not produce unique pieces, but utilitarian art, the design of which he designs himself. So he is a graphic artist and designer in one, which is why the term graphic designer for this profession has prevailed.

  • Creative Graphics

  • Web base Graphics

  • Print Media Designing

His field of activity is as varied as the products for which his graphic designs are used: books, magazines, packaging materials, advertising brochures, advertisements, websites or online media. To realize his ideas, he uses various techniques such as drawing, painting, photographing and digital design. Potential areas of work of the graphic designer are advertising and PR agencies, concert and event agencies, cultural institutions, film and television, printing companies, publishers, public service and tourism industry. Often, the graphic artist / graphic designer works freelance on behalf of various companies and institutions.

Graphics Designing Work

Production-integrated nature conservation measures are implemented today in a variety of ways, so it can sometimes be difficult to keep track. The database presented here is therefore intended to assist with the planning and implementation of such measures.

With a middle education degree in the bag one can train oneself to the graphic designer. Those who prefer to decide to study at the same time should have the entrance qualification at a university for applied sciences, the Fachhochschulreife and for studying at an art college, the general or subject-related university entrance qualification. In addition, admission criteria can be the submission of a folder with own design templates as well as an aptitude test of the respective university. In addition to the ability to develop your own ideas and to be able to implement them manually-graphically or digital-creative, communication and team skills, accuracy, a flair for trends and openness to new things are of benefit to the graphic artist / graphic designer. Creative ability and creative competence requires this profession.

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