Refund policy

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Refund Policy

How and when will my reimbursement be paid if my refund is verified?
The refund process begins after we have quality checked the products you returned. The quality inspection process may take 1 to 2 days from the date of receipt of the returned item. We will notify you of the results immediately after the quality check is completed.
As a refund, you can request a refund of the merchandise credit refund voucher, or you can request a full refund. If it is a store credential, you can use the store credential to make a new purchase on the website and subtract the amount from the new total. If the cash is refunded, the amount-based refund will be refunded to your bank account via online bank transfer, or by check by mail to your address.
Reimbursement time frame quality check:

Refund TypeTime Frame
Refund Voucher24 hours
Bank Transfer24 – 48 hours
Cheque Refund24 – 72 hours

What is a refund voucher?A refund voucher is a return mechanism that is equal to the value of the item you are returning. You can use the refund voucher at checkout to discount the coupon amount for the next purchase. This refund voucher can be used for multiple purchases (if the purchase value is less than the refund voucher amount) until your refund voucher balance is Rs. 0.

The refund voucher is valid for 180 days and you will need to use your coupon during this time and the voucher will expire and become unavailable. How do I use my refund voucher? If you have already received a refund voucher, you will receive a discount voucher code via email. Please enter this code in the discount code box and click on “App Code” at checkout.

The corresponding deduction will apply to your total amount. How do I get notified if my returned product has not been refunded? If your return is invalid, we will call you to explain the problem and send the item back to you. We will arrange the delivery of the item. Make sure you accept the items at your doorstep at the appropriate time. Failure to deliver will result in our retention of your items for 30 days, which you can pick up from our office. I have purchased a promotional item or discount code.

How much will you give me? For items purchased on sale, if the sale is allowed for a refund, the refund amount will be the exact amount of the item, not its original value. For example: If you purchased a special offer for Rs. 500 and its original value is the rupee. 1000, we will refund your rupee. Only 500. If you purchase an item with a refund voucher, we will refund the amount you paid (including the refund voucher amount).

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